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Shavuos in St. Petersberg

Question: Shalom, Rabbi! You answered about early 2nd day of Shavuot in St. Petersburg. What about this year that Shavuot is Motzei Shabbos? Is it possible to make kiddush and yom tov meal before Shabbos end? It is all at time of White Nights. Thank You. Answer: Yes, this leniency would apply this year as well. However. no melacha may be done until Chatzos [cooking, lighting candles] as with regard to Bibli ...

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St. Petersberg White Night Zmanim

Question: 1.During White Nights here in St. Petersburg we end Shabbat at midnight (2:00). This is also the time of alot ashahar. Accordingly, there is no opportunity to say a blessing on the candle and eat Seudat melawe malka. Question: Is it possible to rely on the opinion of rabbi Ovadiya Yoseph that alot ashahar is 72 dakot zmaniet before dawn, and accordingly there is a certain night after Chatzot for B ...

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Shavuot in S. Petersburg – follow up

Question: Thank You for your answer. According to Rabbi's answer about Shavuot at S. Petersburg.  It is not clear only one detail. It is difficult to make evening meal until tzet shabat as the Rabbi said because it is at one at night and at the same time alot hashachar that we must interrupt meal anyway. Is it possible that only a few of us, maybe women, eat something for candles lighting? Gut yom tov Meir ...

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