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Non-Meveshul Wine

Non-Mevushal Wine Question: If one has non-Jewish help in the house can one leave non-opened non-mevushal wine in the house? What is the status of the wine if he did? Answer: A new bottle of wine which is still sealed certainly has the halachah of being closed with one "chosem" a halachic seal. Therefore in our day and age where there is no real concern of a non Jew performing libations for idol worship, th ...

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Whiskey from Sherry Casks

Question: What is the Rav's opinion about whiskey which is aged in Sherry Casks? Answer: The flavor in the casks is considered insignificant in halacha and poses no kashrus concern for the whiskey. This is due to the fact that the flavor is halachically indiscernible, and presumed by chazal not to significantly improve the whiskey in any tangible way. See the attached teshuvos for elaboration [taken from Sh ...

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