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Bar Mitzvah and Yortzeit in Adar Rishon/Sheni

Question: I have yortzeit in the month of Adar, which on a leap year \ shana meuberes I always keep during Adar Rishon. This year I am making a Bar Mitzva during Adar as well. My son was born in a shana pshuta when there was only one Adar. Nevertheless I was told that we do not make the Bar Mitzvah until Adar Sheini. Why is this different from the observance of a yortzeit? Shouldn’t both be kept either in t ...

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Appropriate Time to Visit the Beis HaChaim

Question: I'm soon completing a year of Aveylus after my father הכ’מ His 1st Yohr Tzeit will be on Gimel Shvat. For reasons brought by Achronim, I have refrained from visiting his grave site. The Matzeyva was set up a number of months ago, and of course, I was there. I am a Cohen, although that's not entirely relevant, as I don't go close anyway. Gimel Shvat is a Shabbos. When should the family go according ...

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