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Denying Validity of the Zohar

Question: Kevod hoRav, Recently I came across a learned man who denies the authenticity of the Zohar hakadosh. Would that render him a mummar be'dovor echod? Answer: The Zohar has been accepted as an integral part of Torah Shebal Peh by the greatest leaders and minds of the Jewish people for many hundreds of years, including the Shulchan Aruch himself who is the the basis for practical halacha and Jewish la ...

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Davening with Mother’s Name or Father’s Name

Question: It is well established that when davening for someone's refuah, one refers to the patient by his/her mother's name (e.g. Ploni ben Sarah). But when davening for something other than refuah (such as general hatzlacha, or, when someone goes to the Kotel or a Kever Tzadik and they want to be mazkir their friends or family members) do they use the mother's name (Ploni ben Sarah) or the father's name ( ...

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